Tonight I am attending an interfaith educational forum among my synagogue, the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, and The Manchester United Methodist Church.

A long-time friend who grew up Catholic, but recently joined the Manchester UMC will be there as well. She doubts she will participate in the long-term West County Dialogue Group, for which the forum is the springboard. Whether I do depends upon a few factors.

If the monthly sessions are always on a Tuesday night that will be a negative, though it won’t eliminate the possibility. It is the evening for my weekly writer’s group, but missing one Tuesday a month won’t be horrible.

If I know no one there, that would also be a negative. Even though this is a dialogue where it is expected you will meet new people, it is always helpful to have someone there you already knew. I have been a member of my synagogue for my entire life, and know a lot of people in it, so the odds are I will know someone.

Finally, I don’t know too much about the concept behind the Mediating Interfaith Learning Experience & Services (MILES) model. Hopefully I will learn more tonight and be able to make a decision whether or not it sounds like something I am interested in participating in.

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