Google Censorship

Google Inc’s decision to block politically sensitive terms on its new Chinese search site has drawn the scrutiny of U.S. lawmakers, who next month will probe American technology companies that help Beijing’s censors.

Congress is considering a law.

The legislation envisioned by Reporters Without Borders was spelled out in a January 6 online campaign calls on U.S. firms to refrain from hosting e-mail servers, filtering search engines, hosting blogs and discussion forums in repressive countries.

I’m not sure how they will define “repressive countries”, but my suspicion is that Germany and France will not be included, even though Google is also censoring sites on their French and German search engine.

Sites Google Censors in Germany and France. (This is also a great list for those of you who want to see the underbelly of the internet…all the major hate groups are there. Hate speech is banned in Germany and France.)

For those interested, I believe I found another site:
On there are 561 pages, and on and there are only 560 pages.
If I find the time, I will try to discover which page is missing.