I have friends with a lot of TV dvds. That is, DVDs with full seasons
of tv shows past and present. Star Trek (all incarnations),
Highlander, 24, Sopranos, Spider-Man and Quantum Leap are a few of the
collections I know these friends own.

I don’t own any of these. I do have a box full of Star Trek:TNG video
tapes, but I didn’t buy them. I helped a friend once by loaning him
some money to fix up his car. That’s how he ended up paying me back,
and it likely didn’t cover the loan, but then again, I didn’t make it
expecting to be paid back. (Hoping, maybe, but not expecting.
There’s a difference.) I’ve watched some of those videos a couple of
times, but not much. Anybody want to buy some Star Trek:TNG

I received a generous Borders gift card for the holidays, and with it
I have purchased my first collection. All four seasons of a
television show I only saw in reruns. Only 90 episodes, and the
magical syndicated package cutoff is 100 episodes, so it doesn’t get
reaired very often. They arrived in the mail yesterday, but I had the
Interfaith Dialogue to go to (more about that later), so I was unable
to start watching them. I know what I will do tonight.

It’s the story of two sisters. Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell.