I like your font

I’m curious what people think about the somewhat unusual design of this blog.

Regarding the font, I didn’t create the template, but I did modify the stylesheet somewhat. Specifically, if you were viewing it on a Mac, everything was in a cool cursive font. And while it remains cool for headers and footers and the like…the posts were very difficult to read. I loved the concept of a template designed for best viewing on a Mac…but I didn’t agree with the designer on the importance of readability.

The font is called Zapfino. If you own a PC, and your PC doesn’t already have the font, you could buy it from linotype.com. (How do you know? If the titles of these posts aren’t in a cursive script, you don’t have it.)

However, I’m going to look into the concept of server-side fonts so that I can make this look uniform regardless of your OS, and still make it look cool. If I get it to work, I won’t be using Zapfino, as my host’s server is not a Mac, so I’d have too buy a copy, and I’m not that in love with it.

note: yes, i am aware the default font should be changed (probably to arial). I am also aware a few of the links are a little small on some browsers. that can be fixed. the one pc issue that might be difficult to fix are the ugly gray bars. the graphics run smoothly together on a mac.

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