Wilton Hilton

Want to see the trailer for the pilot of a potentially upcoming television show?

I can vouch for the acting talents of two of the stars. Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know I have a cousin in Hollywood who starred in a short that made the tour of many film festivals last year. (Sundance, St. Louis, Dubai) Well, he has a younger brother, who spent the past year in London furthering his education. And they star in this pilot as (I know, this is a stretch) brothers.

I can’t vouch for the writing ability of the two who co-wrote the pilot. I’d like to. But I just haven’t ever seen anything they’ve written. If genetics means anything, then they’ll turn out to be excellent writers too. But since I suck at acting, there might not be much to this genetics thing. Of course, a good actor can overcome a bad script.

And if they need any help writing future episodes, they can always call their cousin in the Midwest…

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