A new form of poetry

I’ve created a new form of poetry.

I like playing with forms of poetry. Here are a whole bunch.

This table was created by William Gillespie, who was the founder of Newspoetry. It’s his fault, for example, that I even know what a homoliteral or an univocalic poem is, and my first attempts were published on Newspoetry. (follow the links.)

But before I discovered Newspoetry, Gillespie, and those forms, I enjoyed the Japanese haiku and tanka. This is because, for a long time, I’ve known how to count syllables. Rhyming and meter without getting singsongy is difficult. Counting syllables is easy.

But I was thinkng recently…why limit myself to 5-7-5 or even 5-7-5-7-7.

So I came up with a new structure. A total of 38 syllables, broken into 7 lines of prescribed length. You’re not allowed to change the number.

Here’s my first one (the line numbers aren’t necessary, but are there for scholastic purposes):

Title: A true story

1. I was under too much pressure; (8 syllables)
2. my nose began to bleed. (6 syllables)
3. My smart alecky boss asked (7 syllables)
4. if i needed a (5 syllables)
5. transfusion. (3 syllables)
6. (0 syllables)
7. I thanked him for his show of concern. (9 syllables)

A secondary requirement is the author of the poem must have a “good time” writing it.
I call the form, “Jenny.”
The plural form is also “Jenny.”