The Supreme Court Tries Sodomy, and Finds it to their Liking…

Well, maybe not, but….

Slate/MSNBChas a nice summary of today’s arguments before the Supreme Court.

The NYTimes believes the court is set to find in favor of the defendents…but not really overturn Bowers v Hardwick. Instead, they’re likely to rule the Texas law unconstitutional since it distinguishes between homosexuals and heterosexuals. (Sodomy is only illegal if performed by gays.) That will leave in place the laws in several states where it is still illegal for all.

I like how Slate/MSNBC points out bestiality is legal in Texas. What they don’t mention, is it doesn’t matter if the beast is “of age”, “consents,” or presumedly what sex it is. Now all we need to do is bring Darwin to the stand to explain to Scalia there’s no difference between man and beast….

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