Video Short

I have written many times about my fascination with numerology. How words and numbers inter-relate mystically.

In my writer’s group, which meets weekly, and I’ve been attending consistently for eight years…once a member gave everyone a challenge to write a poem containing the words: Shooting Blanks. This is what I wrote:


Shooting blanks
Onto the board
He formed words
Meaning everything
And nothing

With this in mind, you may understand why I love this short video. Unlike most videos at VidLit, this doesn’t appear to be a ‘trailer’ for a book. This is a complete-in-itself video short story. It will only use up 8 minutes and six seconds of your day. (Though the concept of book trailers is an ingenious one….and I’d love it if VidLit had the money to put their trailers before actual movies. Just think about this concept…go to a movie and see trailers for books. The mind reels.)

(And just look at everything this post gives you besides the link to the video. Yesterday there would have been a 90% chance or higher all you would have gotten was the link, with perhaps a short msg about how it speaks to my numerological obsession.)