Biblical Irony

I’ve been thinking some more about this week’s torah portion – and something strange has occurred to me.

Let’s assume everyone else is right, and this refers to all the commandments. If we obey G-d, He will make sure we prosper. If we disobey, he will do horrible things to us.

OK. But one part of the punishment rings strange. “You will eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.”

This is the verse I analogized with “your pet puppy dog” in the “World’s Worst Parents” entry. The only thing kids love as much as parents love their children.

One of those 613 commandments forbids the consumption of human flesh. Here G-d is punishing those who disobey Him, by forcing them to disobey one of his commandments.

Now that would have been a good example of irony for Alanis Morrisette to use.