Religious Freedom

In Indiana, parents have been told they can’t teach their child their religious beliefs. (Because their religious beliefs are Wiccan, and Wicca is evil.)

The reason the court actually gave, provided by the “Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau”, is that the parents were sending the kid to a Catholic school, and teaching Wiccan beliefs at home, displaying: “little insight into the confusion these divergent belief systems will have upon (the boy) as he ages.”

So, logically, it follows intermarried couples can’t be allowed to raise children in divergent religious faiths. Say – Catholicism and Protestantism – as any two religions at war with each other somewhere in the world have to be divergent. And only Catholics can send their kids to Catholic schools.

It is telling that the Judge ordered the parents to stop teaching Wicca, as opposed to ordering the parents to remove the kid from the Catholic school. If he were truly concerned about the confusion of the child, and equally concerned about the religious freedom of the parents, that would have been the logical choice to make.

This decision will of course be overturned on appeal. There is almost no question that it won’t. Stupid local judges make stupid decisions like this — not all the time, but often. And they get appealed at higher court levels by judges who actually understand the Constitution.

Some Senators and Representatives are working on passing a law that may eliminate such appeals. Basically, if a lower court judge, or any state official, makes a decision because they feel G-d is the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government….then this decision stands, and can’t be appealed to District Courts, or the Supreme Court. I’m not sure the Judge in this case actually invoked G-d. And there may be some arguments as to how to interpret the wording in this law.

But if this passes, then we have a better chance at finally get rid of such evil as Wicca, and when we’re done with that, maybe Buddhism and Taoism. Anything Non-Judeo-Christian-Islamic. OK, the Muslim’s are definitely evil, too, so just Judeo-Christian.

And by that time…there’ll be nobody left to stand up.

Which is why I defend the Wiccans.

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