Haymarket Square

All over the world, countries celebrated the actions of a group of workers over a century ago.

All over the world, that is, except in the country where it occurred. That country has effectively
swept the holiday underneath the carpet by officially celebrating it four months late every year.

Haymarket Square, May 4, 1886

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  1. John

    Unfortunately…I am not signing the above petition.

    I agree with the other commenters on your blog. Hate speech is sad, but the solution isn’t to drive it underground. The solution is to ignore it. Calling attention to such sites — even in an attempt to get them removed — only attracts more visitors.

    The Nazis had a right to march at Skokie, the KKK has a right to clean up the state highways if it wishes too, and if someone filled with hate wants to blog…that’s their right as well.

    (Though…if the service that provides the space for the blogging doesn’t wish to provide it for hate…that is also their perogative. But drawing the lines can get tricky…who decides the difference between hate speech, and speech that one just disagrees with?)


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