Feelin’ Groovy

I mentioned a few posts back about PoesyBeat.org where poets can upload poems, or musicians can upload music, and even though these musicians and poets have never met, they can collaborate together on a combined creation.

I also mentioned I uploaded a poem. Two users have downloaded the poem, and created something with it. (And two users, I’m guessing the same ones, though that might not be the case, have also rated my poem highly. One 4 out of 5, and one 5 out of 5.) I have no reason to believe I know them, or they know me.

I’ve downloaded the two “PoesyBeats”. Neither were what I was expecting — but I’m not sure what I was expecting. I’ve told people I don’t like my own voice, but with music in the background, it’s not as bad.

I remember as a kid, I went to six flags with my school class, and I rode the jet scream 13 times in a row. Lots of my classmates moved on to a different ride before 13 repetitions. I think my ability to listen to these tracks over and over might be similary unique.