Pinchas: The Second Census

Pinchas: The Second Census
Numbers 25-30

Another census has been taken –
Six hundred thousand
men over twenty —
out of these only two,
besides Moses,
are left from the original count:
Joshua and Caleb.

The land, yet to be yielded,
has already been apportioned.
We, daughters of Zelophehad —
Mahlah, Noah, Haglah, Milcah and Tirzah —
complained to Moses.
Our father died without sons,
but we didn’t want to lose our land.
By speaking up, our wish was heard.
Now all brotherless daughters inherit.


G-d’s told Moses it’s time
for him to ascend a mountain
and join Aaron and Miriam.
He can gaze at the promised land,
but can’t enter.
Joshua will become our leader.

The taste of milk and honey is in the air.