A hearty welcome to any new visitors who may have come to this site due to it being mentioned in a local community newspaper.

Victor Hugo Central, the fansite mentioned in the article, has been around since 1998 in some form or another. Links to the article in the Christian Science Monitor, and the interview on Australian radio from 2002 can be found on the left.

Most of my posts deal with politics, religion, something else I saw in the newspaper, or my fiction and poetry. Often I will write about science fiction and fantasy — books, movies, comics — as I am active in the local fan community. You can read a science fiction short story I published last October, here.

Recently, I have begun reading the weekly Torah portion, and rewriting the action in poetic form, occasionally adding a character to narrate, or I write it from the perspective of a minor character. (One such minor character has been Balaam’s donkey). Most of these poems have been posted on this blog. My intent is not to be sacreligious, even though I know some will interpret it that way. One of the 613 commandments is to write your own Torah scroll, and while I know this isn’t at all what is meant by the commandment, it will be the closest I am likely to come to fulfilling it.