A Learning Process

A few months ago a community social group chose me to be their leader. (insert maniacal laughter)

So when the aliens arrive, and ask one of them to take them to their leader, the odds are they’ll lead them to me. Which I’m not sure I’m ready for.

I’m not sure I was ready for any of this.

But I’ve begun to develop a list of rules that other leaders might find full of wisdom

Heading the list:
1) When you are leading a group meeting, it is best not to be drinking alcohol.
2) Someone should be recording the minutes.

I’ll share a few other items on the list later.

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  1. DL Emerick

    Leading Edges Make Me Edgy At Cuts

    I have always sensed that I was a leader — of some kind. I walk down the street and look over my shoulder, to see who is following me. I listen to the background noises on my phone, to hear the sounds of any others who might be listening. I sniff at the mail in my mail boxes to catch a whiff of others who might have purloined my mail.

    A leader knows who follows him, tails him, has his scent up their nostrils like a blood hound.

    But, of course, no one is there, not in the wind that blows down the street, swirling bits of paper in small tornadoes of debris, not on the phone breathing heavily, and not even from the unscented reams of junk mail filling my boxes, til it overrunneth itself — leaving me hoping that mercy and goodness, instead, shall follow me all the days of my life and that I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

    But, I have had the feeling, this paranoia about the G_d’s protective agency — His watching over me, His spying on me: His global security state imprisons me.

  2. DL Emerick

    I took this to my leader;
    my fearless leader said:

    Rule 1:
    Watch out for mutinies.

    Rule 2:
    Decide if you want a mutiny.

    Rule 3:
    If you don’t want a mutiny, decide if it will win anyway.

    Rule 4:
    If you don’t care about it,
    join the mutiny.

    Rule 5:
    If you care, and it will win,
    anyway, join the mutiny.

    Rule 6:
    If you care and it will fail,
    anyway, crush it ruthlessly,
    to show you are powerful.

    Rule 7:
    If no one else cares for mutiny,
    start one of your own.


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