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I am on Rev. Donald Wildmon’s email list. Trust me, this can be an enlightening email list to be on at times. It’s always good to keep an eye on those with whom you disagree.

Dear Friend of the Family,

or at least, Perceived Friend of the Family

American Family Association/American Family Radio is partnering with Tim Todd Ministries this week (August 29 – September 2) to place the TRUTH FOR YOUTH BIBLE into the hands of our teenagers who will distribute them to lost students in our public schools.

I am going to assume they don’t mean by ‘Lost’ that the students are vampires. Or maybe they do.

Parents and grandparents are urged to participate in this vital campaign by calling the toll free number below and ordering a free Bible for a teenager to distribute at school. Tim Todd Ministries has underwritten the costs of making this Bible available free of charge.


“The Truth For Youth” consists of the entire New Testament in the God’s Word version, along with powerful full color comics that are packed with “absolute truths” regarding issues young people are faced with, such as: Evolution, Sexual Purity, Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Drugs, Drunkenness, Peer Pressure, School Violence and Secular Rock Music. God’s wonderful plan of salvation is incorporated into each of the stories. (You may view the comics at

I advise against it, unless you feel you must.

The Student’s Legal Rights on Public School Campuses are displayed on the back cover of “The Truth For Youth” to inform school administrator’s and young people that they have the right to give Bibles away on campus during non-instructional time.

This is what truly spurred this post, as throughout reading this email I was thinking “is distributing religious literature allowed in public high schools?”

So I found the Student’s Legal Rights on Public School Campuses:

I. THE RIGHT to meet with other religious students.
II. THE RIGHT to identify your religious beliefs through signs and symbols.
III. THE RIGHT to talk about your religious beliefs on campus.
IV. THE RIGHT to distribute religious literature on campus.
V. THE RIGHT to pray on campus.
VI. THE RIGHT to carry or study your Bible on campus.
VII. THE RIGHT to do research papers, speeches, and creative projects with religious themes.
VIII. THE RIGHT to be exempt. Student may be exempt from activities and class content that contradict their religious beliefs.
IX. THE RIGHT to celebrate or study religious holidays on campus.
X. THE RIGHT to meet with school officials.

I agree with all 10, except for number 4. The reason they cite is the Equal Access Act which gives students the right to meet. But that was Right number I. Distributing literature goes beyond meeting.

To quote from the Act itself, here are a few restrictions:

The group is student-initiated.

This email says nothing about groups, but assuming that a bible group is already on campus, this group activitiy is being initiated by the AFA. See following.

Persons from the community may not “direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups.”

This activity is being directed, conducted, and controled by the AFA. Parents and grandparents (members of the community) are being encouraged to buy bibles for their kids and grandkids to distribute.

IANAL (nor do I play one on TV) But to me, this looks like a violation.

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