Burn the Land and Boil the Sea

Saturday night a friend lent me a couple of things.

One: A set of DVDs. “Give it a few episodes, it starts out slow,” she said. There are a few possibilities.

1) She was just being silly
2) I’m an easy mark

I was hooked on the pilot.
Sunday night I watched the first DVD.
Tonight I watched the second DVD.
Tomorrow night is my weekly writer’s group, so the third DVD will have to wait until Wednesday.

I’m sure she will tell me tomorrow night that she wasn’t expecting me to watch them in one week. And I assure her. I have no plans on returning the DVDs after just one viewing. I’m going to go through them at least once more with the commentary. I’d say “You can’t take these DVDs from me,” but I know what is morally right. I’ll have to get my own copy.

I like the theme song too. I’m listening to it on continuous repeat as I type this entry.

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  1. John

    I don’t know how many of the subsequent episodes you watched. I have been told that since the 2-part pilot wasn’t aired as the pilot, but only aired later, what ended up being the first episode had to do more introduction of characters than it normally would, so it might have slowed it down for some.

    Like any first season there were high points and lows. I won’t say I was in love with every episode. But I felt the characters were well developed, and I quickly came to care for what happened to them. I liked the interaction and tension. And I enjoyed the humor. I wish more dramatic science fiction would allow for humor like Firefly.


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