Prayer at Public Meetings

Conservative press is complaining that the Supreme Court has declared it is legit for California to ban prayer at meetings. “Even non-denominational prayer.”

Which of course, isn’t true. The Supreme Court has said no such thing. The prayer that started the whole case did not invoke “God” as many news reports are claiming. It invoked “Jesus Christ”. I’m sorry, but that is not non-denominational, unless you limit the denominations to Christianity.

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on a ban of “Sectarian Prayer”. Which means the ban remains. But the ban is on Sectarian prayer, not non-denominational, non-sectarian prayer. God can still be invoked, as long as he/she is unnamed.

But I think I agree with this individual that perhaps watering down prayers in order for them to be acceptable for all isn’t the best idea. Perhaps those of us who wish to pray, should pray, in Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, etc….where we can say exactly what we feel without worrying we will offend anyone.

What good does a prayer do opening a public meeting where there are people of varying faiths and creeds?

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  1. Joe Elias

    Creator of all that is , please give us the seed that will grow a “binding cause” among all humans
    in existance …. a cause that will lead us to the realization that we are all a product of one “Creator”. This is the only road to world peace .


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