Golden Snitch Snagged; Snitch Sues Snagger

Golden Snitch Snagged; Snitch Sues Snagger

The NY Daily News
Snagged the Snitch
at a health food store
of all places.

Harry Potter has lost his mind.
Is this a reference to a plot point
revealed by the newspaper?
Or is this a metaphor
for JK Rowling’s publishers
who have now sued
for copyright infringement
when all the newspaper did
was publish a book review?

Many book reviews
appear before the book.
Some publishers like that.
It helps to sell the book.
Of course, JK Rowling needs no such help.
And wealthier than Queen Elizabeth (true!),
she no longer needs any money either.

Harry is locked in battle
With Lord Voldemort
for his own consciousness.
Harry may become an agent of evil!

JK Rowling has said
she’d do anything to prevent
Harry from turning up
in a McDonald’s happy meal.
But either her publishers
or Warner Brothers
aren’t listening
as he is now on Coca Cola cans,
and the increasing commercialism and hype
are turn offs to kids
and adults alike.

Ron becomes Prefect.
Harry saves Dudley from dementors
by using magic. Risking expulsion.
Cho Chang tells Harry, “I really like you”.
Somebody does die,
but its not Harry, Ron or Hermione.

My personal guess
since JK Rowling has said
the death was very hard to write,
and it was someone close to Harry,
that it’s either Cho Chang or Hagrid.
We’ll all find out soon.

Note to JK Rowling:
Sue me too, please!
I need the 15 minutes of fame.

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  1. moony

    hey guys any body loves moony,jkrowling is my friend.any body who says harry potter stinks AVADAKEDAVARA


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