Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Let me get this straight
A group of Catholic and Jewish leaders
Get their hands on a stolen copy
Of an advance script to a movie
That is still in production
And start spreading lashon hara
(Also known as malicious gossip)
About the actor/director
And his father.

Then the actor/director
Starts defending himself
Against the accusations
With the classic line
About some of his best friends.

Of course the conspiracy theorists
Would tell ya itís the vast
Majority of his friends.

And while he doesnít appear
To be actively defending his father
The religious leaders ought to know
We donít visit the sins on the children.

(WellÖin some casesÖ
Like in the case
Upon which the movie
Is based
Some might disagree.

Which is kinda what
The religious leaders
Are worried about.
That the movie will continue
To spread the blame.
But in implicating the son
With his fatherís beliefs
Theyíre being hypocritical.

Not to mention the theft
And the malicious gossip
Breaks a few pesky commandments
In the process.)

Since the movie
Will only contain dialogue
Spoken in Latin and Aramaic
With no subtitles

There was a good chance
The only way
It would ever get seen
Is if somehow
A controversy arose about the film.

Making one wonder
If by some perverted chance
The script was leaked to these leaders
By the actor/director himself.


Actor/Director: Mel Gibson
Movie Title: The Passion
The Passion: A reference to the New Testament story of Jesus’ crucifixion, which often places the blame on the Jews as opposed to the Romans
Mel Gibson’s father: Accused of being a Holocaust Denier
Jewish Group: Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
Catholic Group: US Council of Catholic Bishops
Charge levied against film: Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic
His Defense: Some of my best friends and colleagues are Jews

0 thoughts on “Passion Fruit

  1. Steve Provost

    I want to be there if Mel G. gets a look at the secluded materials in the Vatican Library.
    This movie may move higher ranking priests so much that Mel G. may get a look at the library items, which have much hidden information.
    I want to be there! To see it all!