Remember The Exorcist? The House is for Sale

Remember The Exorcist? The exorcism happened at St. Louis University, but the house in St. Louis where the family lived is for sale.

Many strange things allegedly happened in that home. Their home in Maryland prior to moving to St. Louis has long since been torn down. The buildings on the St. Louis University campus involved in the events no longer exist. This house is all that is left.

And for the first time, apparently: The name of the child appears in a newspaper. (Though the Riverfront Times admits a couple websites beat them to it.) The alleged individual is still alive, age 70, though he’s not talking.

The Real Estate salesman didn’t want this published. He didn’t think it would help sell the house. Is he crazy? I know if I had the money, I’d be considering it. It might depend somewhat on the zoning laws.

Can you imagine: Satan’s Bed and Breakfast

I’m sure the neighbors wouldn’t be too thrilled with the idea…

I also find it amazing that nowhere in the article is the address of the house talked about, beyond mentioning it. It is on Roanoke Drive.

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  1. DL


    A provision in Missouri law excuses owners and agents of houses for sale for failure to reveal paranormal (such as haunting or possession) events alleged to have happened in connection with a property that they list for sale.

    The law does not take a position on whether such events may have happened. Just excuses the attempt to impose legal liability for not making such disclosures.

  2. Kathy

    I believe the location at SLU still exists. It was supposed to be in Verhagen Hall attached to the Admin. bldg. DuBourg Hall.
    Last time I checked it was still standing although the upper floor where the exorcism is to have taken place has been locked up for years.. Rumours have been circulating for years that lights shine from that floor on Halloween.