On Writing

The general consensus on the story I presented to The Writer’s Group last night was that it was ready to send to Asimov’s or Analog.

There were a couple quibbles about scientific impossibilities, but like all great nitpickers, they came up with a solution. (I actually suspected it was impossible, but wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.)

There were also a few other quibbles, but all fixable.

0 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Barbara

    hmmm this is mean. Makes me wonder what the story is and what seemed impossible but wasn’t?

    Is like putting a full plate in front of a hungry person and not let him/her have even a tiny morsel.

  2. John

    I’d rather be considered mean for withholding information than be considered mean for spoiling a future story for someone. Especially when it is my own work.