I feel so special!

I just received an email from GARY HART! Remember him? Gary Hart is
sending me email! Here are a few excepts (with comments):

Dear John,

(Gary and I are on a first name basis.)

“The public trust must be earned, and speaking clearly, candidly and
forcefully now about the mess in Iraq is the place to begin.”

I wrote those words in August in The Washington Post to call on
Democratic Party leaders to step forward on Iraq. My years in the
Senate and as co-chair of the Bipartisan Commission on National
Security had convinced me that, unless Democrats provided real
leadership, Americans would never receive the honest and open debate
about Iraq that our country deserves.

(Truer words haven’t been spoken.)

Now, because of your efforts and those of all these Democratic
leaders, make no mistake: the wheel has turned in the national debate
over the war in Iraq.

(He knows about my efforts!!! I guess he must be referring to my
political poetry. I can’t think of any other efforts he’d be talking
about. I feel so wonderful!)

The American people have responded to the tough questions we’ve been
asking because they had the same ones. The result is that the Bush
Administration is being forced to engage in something they’ve gone to
great lengths to avoid: an open debate about the war in Iraq.

(I had no idea I was making such a difference!)

We have to continue to speak out – on talk radio, in letters to the
editor, and to our neighbors – to demand an Administration strategy to
get our troops home.

(Don’t worry, I won’t stop!)

America needs your continued leadership, courage and passion on the
grassroots level. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have
already done….


Gary Hart

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