Political Cartoons

I have long thought I could draw some funny, insightful, satirical political cartoons if not for one small problem. I can’t draw. Oh sure, I can draw stick figures…but after a couple panels, the reader is sure to grow a little tired of them. I’ve toyed with the idea of finding someone who can draw, but I’d have to also find someone I can work with. Not necessarily an easy task.

I help edit Tribalsoulkitchen. It is an ezine for poetry, fiction, and essays. It began as a place for fans of Jim Morrison and the Doors to share their creativity, but it has grown a little beyond that. Anyway, as one of the editors, I find myself searching the internet for artwork to decorate literary submissions. For legal purposes, I focus on artwork created by people who died at least 75 years ago. I want stuff that is in the public domain. Occasionally I will contact people and ask for permission to use their artwork, but it is a lot easier to find items which I do not need to seek permission for.

Today I had a brainstorm. What if….Could I make it work?…There’s only one way to find out. Below are my first three political cartoons. Tell me what you think.

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