Proof Science and Religion are incompatible

On the evening of Tuesday, January 31, I attended an Interfaith Educational Forum hosted by the Interfaith Partnership of St. Louis.  The forum was a ‘springboard’ to form the West County Dialogue group between the three participating religious congregations: one Jewish, one Methodist, one Islamic.

Before the forum, everyone received in the mail a letter which allowed us to express our interest in being a part of the Dialogue.  The letter provided information on who to contact.  However, at the actual forum, everyone was handed an additional form to fill out to express which days/times were most convenient for us.  Only those who showed up at the forum got these forms.  It’s possible they were made available to others afterwards, but how one would have found out that they had missed this opportunity is questionable.

So today I received in the mail the unpredictable announcement.  Of those who were able to show up on Tuesday night, Jan 31, Tuesday nights were the most convenient night of the week.  Who’da guessed?
So if I want to participate I have to commit to one Tuesday night a month.  It’s doable.  I’d have preferred any other night, but even though I’ll be missing 25% of my writer’s group meetings, it should give me some food for thought, and perhaps inspire me to write for the other 75%.