Rover Dave Barry and Me

Dave Barry is encouraging people to go to (The company famous for publishing your submitted poetry in books you can buy for $50, and maybe you’ll win a prize). The catch: Enter it under a penname with first name “Freemont” and it must contain the line “The dog ate mother’s toes”.

There are at this point over 400 of these. (Easily searchable by first name)

Here is one of the most recent:


We’ve had Rover for ten years now —
a friendly, loving, dog.
He’d bark at the occasional mailman,
but he’d border on the edge of freedom kissing
everyone else.

We don’t know what it was exactly.
It might have been the news
that weapons of mass destruction
still hadn’t been found in Iraq.

It might have been out of sympathy
for Robert Wagner
who’s been cheated out of money
for his role in Charlie’s Angels.

It might even have something to do with
the Dutch company Tulip
resurrecting the Commodore 64.

this morning
the dog ate mother’s toes.

Freemont C Gavroche

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