TV Alert – May 18th – Will and Grace

As many of you are probably aware, on May 18th, the long-running television show Will and Grace will air its series finale.  (it’s been on the air since 1998) It will probably receive a fair share of the ratings that evening.

Will and Grace was one of my grandmother’s favorite tv shows.  Over a period of several years, my brother, sister-in-law, several cousins, and myself would gather at my grandmother’s every Thursday night, eat dinner, and watch must-see TV.  Grandma said she definitely preferred Friends and Will and Grace over Seinfeld.  She also liked Jesse, starring Christina Applegate, and was upset it didn’t last longer than it did.  She hated Scrubs.  (I think the faster pace of the series confused her.)  I’ve often wondered if she enjoyed the shows more because she was watching them with her grandkids, but she did have preferences.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago, and she hung on long enough for her out-of-town grandkids to arrive, and watch NBC one last Thursday night from her hospital room. 

As most of you are probably not aware, I will be watching the episode with several members of my family, at my uncle’s house.  Not because it was one of my grandmother’s favorite shows — but that does make it even better.   But because my cousin will be appearing on the episode.  This isn’t the first television show he will have been in.  He was in a 2003 episode of The Division.  However, more people will be watching Will and Grace on May 18th than those who watched The Division.  And if there is a heaven, and there are television sets there, my grandmother will be watching too.