ShowMeCon IV

ShowMeCon IV is over, and boy, was it fun!

Friday morning, I travelled to the Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame with Peter David, his daughter Ariel, and 3 other convention staffers. PAD rode in my car. There’s a small alley in the HoF, and we bowled a game. PAD is what is termed an 800-series bowler, meaning he’s managed to achieve a total of 800 out of 900 in a 3 game series. (This weekend was pretty close to the 1 year anniversary of that achievement.) His daughter has won trophies on the Jr. circuit. Meanwhile, I rarely break 100 in a given game. While my game didn’t improve much, I learned a lot about the history of the game at the museum.

I saw a lot of PAD over the weekend — various panels, and at a dinner banquet Friday night. I purchased from him a script he wrote for the television show Space Cases called The Impossible Dram. The title is naturally a reference to Man of La Mancha. It was one of two such scripts he was offering, the other for the pilot of the show. Both were signed by Jewel Staite, as she was on Space Cases in 1996, playing the role of an engineering genius, 8 years before she got the role of Kaylee for Firefly. I also managed to narrow down the books of his I wanted him to sign to just five.
I also talked with several other less known authors, and the media guest, Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane opposite Kirk Alyn and George Reeves.

ShowMeCon V will be April 20-22, 2007 – at the Maryville Marriott off Hwy 40/64. The author guest of honor will be local author, Barri Bumgarner. The media guest is yet to be named.

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