Will and Grace – the conclusion

The finale is May 18th. Since television and radio stations across the country had contests to win a trip to a taping of the final episode, and since all the tapings are over, it is of course hard to believe the plot could be kept off the internet.

I found a spoiler posted for the final episode (Don’t read unless you want to know.)

I have no proof that it is accurate. All I personally know is my cousin appears in the final five minutes, and according to IMDB his character’s name is Ben.

The description of the finale sounds confusing, but then again, it was a fan writing it. I suspect given an hour the writers of the show can make it work.

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  1. Christy

    I followed the summary well enough I suppose (I have no idea who Beverly is, not having watched the show regularly in a couple of years). I disagreed with the feedback that this plotline “sucked.” The plot device is certainly no worse than the Rosanne finale (and I cry every time I watch that) or the plot more ridiculous than the one surrounding the Newhart finale (which is among one of the funniest damn 2 shows ever; the Susan Pleshette cameo notwithstanding). From the summary, it doesn’t seem any more or less unbelievable than the whole Rachel/Ross thing in the Friends finale. And anything, anything, would have to be less disappointing than the finale of Seinfeld.

    I’ll probably watch it–or TiVo it, or something, if for no other reason than I can say, “Hey! I’ve eaten greek food with that guy’s cousin!”

  2. John

    I figure the “it sucks” comments are all from fans who are so inflexible they can’t accept any ending other than the one they envisioned. Or they require 100% happy endings. Or they feel negative criticism is always more popular.

    I never saw the finale of Rosanne. The Newhart finale was ridiculous, but it took the “it was all a dream” cliche to such an absurd level it was great. I, who had never seen the Bob Newhart show, but had heard of it, figured out instantly who had to be in bed next to him. But I suspect there were some viewers who were confused.

    It worked for Newhart, but the ST:Enterprise finale was a pseudo-Newhart finale which, in my opinion, fell flat on its face.

    I too was very disappointed with the finale of Seinfeld, but I was OK with the finale for Friends.

    Hopefully it will be the first of many opportunities for you to say that.


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