Thank you, Alan Moore

What boy hasn’t had fantasies about Dorothy, Wendy, and Alice?

Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question. Maybe myself and Alan Moore are the only ones. In which case, his new graphic novel won’t sell too many copies. But Alan Moore, the creative genius behind V for Vendetta and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , has created a graphic novel entitled Lost Girls. It’s for adults only. He’s openly referring to it as pornography. It concerns Dorothy, Wendy and Alice. (Do I need to tell you what books they come from?) There are some samples of the artwork in that last link. Excuse me for a moment while I go look at them again…

I’m curious if the hospital in Britain which owns the rights to Wendy through the end of 2007 are going to make any noises…

0 thoughts on “Thank you, Alan Moore

  1. officiallyover

    Wendy and Dorothy: no. Dorothy had great shoes, of course, which does a lot for me, but I really never thought about her that way. Alice: yes. People have argued for a while that that’s a strong subtext to the two Alice novels, anyway. Emily Elizabeth from the Clifford books really melts my butter, too. Oops, can you edit that last part out? Oh, we’re live?

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