Power to the People!

Wednesday night there was a storm in St. Louis. It knocked my power out.

Thursday and Friday night I spent at my parents. Friday night I shared a room with my one-and-a-half year old nephew. He’s a sweet kid. However, he does ‘talk’ a little bit in his sleep, which is funny. I wish I could understand what he was saying. And he snores. An impressive snore for someone his size.

This morning (Saturday) at 1 am my power came back on. I know this, because the clock by my bedside resets to midnight, so it’s easy to figure out how long it’s been on if I catch it within the first 24 hours after a power failure.

This morning I helped the folks at Enterprise Rent a Car wash cars to benefit Goodwill‘s Sheltered Workshop.

As of a few minutes ago, according to AmerenUE, there are still 342,000 people in Missouri without power. Some of these are due to a second storm we went through on Friday.