I have heard some rumors that CW (the combined entity of the former WB and UPN) has ‘picked up’ The Wilton.

I can’t find it in any news source that is indexed by Google, but the news does come from ‘pretty reliable sources close to the show’. The only thing online I’ve found is a conversation on the Lucy Walsh fansite.

CAA: I work at CAA, the agency that reps the writers of the show
23 Jul 06, 16:29
Derek: Where did you hear that?
23 Jul 06, 15:41

CAA: Congratulations to Lucy, the Wilton has been bought by WB!! she cant be in it because of touring next year, but still cool the lead character is based on her!

If someone from CAA is posting the information on fansites, I am going to assume this isn’t something I need to keep quiet on. (Though I do find it funny that the individual from CAA referred to the tv station as the WB, which no longer exists)   Yes, Lucy is the lead female character of the show.
The Wilton is the current name for the show I’ve blogged about in the past as The Wilton Hilton. For some strange reason, they’ve had to change the name.

As I understand it, this means CW is asking my cousins to write/film some more episodes, and they’ll make a judgment on the show after that. Probably can’t expect it to appear on tv until next season (07-08).