The one good thing about blog spam

I get emails notifying me that my software has picked up a comment it thinks might be spam.  Usually spammers like to spam really old posts in the hopes the spam goes unnoticed.  I have a tendency to come up with strange subject lines for posts, so when I get the emails, I sometimes think: What was that post about?  And then I follow the link and head down nostalgia lane.

For example: William Blake and Meatloaf

I like my Tyger, and her dashboard lights, but I have a suspicion some time next year, I will have a post about “Hysteria, Pyromania, and HG Wells”.  And I’m not even a metal fan.

Of course, there is one album released in this millennia by the same band as the one that released the two mentioned above, that would be even more appropriate, but it would also be a lot less subtle.  Anyone care to make a guess?

What am I listening to right now: You Took My Breath Away from Travelling Wilburys Vol 3.  That’s how far away I am from metal.