More Metrolink Thoughts

There were approximately 35 cars in the Metrolink parking lot when I finally returned to my car.  So some usage is being made, but with a 200-space lot, if for some reason you were refraining from using the metrolink because you wanted to leave spaces open for other people — that isn’t a valid excuse.  (I can’t speak for other stops.  This only applies to the Brentwood/I64 lot.  But I suspect others are similarly sparse)

All-in-all, this first day of taking the Metrolink to work – has been a success.

In a healthy society, every useful activity is compensated in a way to permit of a decent living.  The exercise of any socially valuable activity gives inner satisfaction; but it cannot be considered as part of the salary.  The teacher cannot use his inner satisfaction to fill the stomachs of his children.

Albert Einstein.  Ensuring the Future of Mankind. 1952

I’ve made it through the first 86 pages of the book.