Five years ago

I was still working at AG Edwards in their IT department. Very little got done that day, as there was a television in the hallway that was constantly set to the financial news network, which like every other news network, focused on that morning’s events. And when half the department is standing in the hallway watching television, not very much gets done. When not in the hallway, I was at my desk. Had to look like I was doing something. But I was following the news on the Dow Jones Newswires.

It was a Tuesday, so that evening I was at Writer’s Group. There were more people there than one might expect. Why weren’t we with family? We were. Which shouldn’t be interpreted as a slight against our biological families. But we’d either spent several hours that day already with them, or knew we would in the days to come.

I like what Brad, DL, and PAD have to say.

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