Condensation of Anne Rice Literature

The artist who drew the below illustration gave me permission to post it below on the unusual condition that I did NOT give them credit. Anyone who knows my (lack of) handwriting ability or my (lack of) drawing abilty will know that it is not my own. For legality purposes, this is not in the public domain. It still belongs to the orginal artist, until they say otherwise, even if they are in a state of denial.


And here is my latest parody, based on the same concept

Lestat loves me – this I know,
For Anne Rice, she tells me so,
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak, but He is strong.

Yes, Lestat loves me.
Yes, Lestat loves me.
Yes, Lestat loves me. Anne Rice, she tells me so.

The italicized lines are unchanged from the original, written by Anna Bartlett Warner in 1860. I decided there was no need.

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