Book Meme

As seen on: CasaChristy.

Total number of books I own: According to LibraryThing, 977.

Last book I bought: I bought about twenty all at once at Archon earlier this month at a charity auction. The last one that got entered into LibraryThing was Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain.

Last book I read: Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein. Currently, I am reading, Last Day of a Condemned by Victor Hugo

Five books that mean a lot to me:

If the number wasn’t five, some science fiction novels would make the list. I considered Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Adams. And maybe Asimov’s I Robot. But I also wanted to include a collection of poetry by Howard Nemerov, and perhaps EB White’s Charlotte’s Web. Top Five is difficult for me when it comes to books. And I reminded myself this isn’t “Top Five Favorite” Adams usually makes that list.

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