Guess what? I bought another book.

I was driving down Manchester this morning and decided to check to see if the Book House was still there. As I mentioned back in June they were planning on moving late summer, early fall. The move has been postponed. A year, or so.

I understand. It’s hard to get up the courage to move books. I know I bought the home I was renting when the owners decided to sell in order not to have to move my books. (There may have been other factors.) And I have a tiny fraction of what they have.

Of course, I entered the Book House. And I never leave empty handed.

I did limit myself to one book. I purchased The Rattle Bag, an anthology of poetry selected by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes.

I know it was only a week ago that I said I had given up on Heaney. However, there’s not a single poem in the collection written by him. It’s a collection of his and Hughes’ favorite poems, and neither has an ego high enough to select one of their own.

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