In Lieu of Flowers Pt II

A comment to my earlier post has encouraged me to come up with a list of possible organizations one might donate to in Sally Baron’s name…(see earlier post for explanation)

1. The commenter suggests “any political party” other than the Republicans. Some might have qualms with this. Any conservative political party (such as the Libertarians) would draw votes away from Bush and help the Democratic challenger. But I maintain voting Green, Natural Law, etc, actually helps Bush. There is nothing wrong with voting Green or Natural Law if you truly believe that it won’t matter to you whether Bush is re-elected or the Democratic challenger is elected. But you aren’t helping Sally Baron’s cause. Which is clearly stated as the removal of Bush from office.

2) The ACLU is definitely a worthy cause, as the commenter suggests. And supporting them will help to keep Bush et al from doing more damage to the US Constitution. They may indirectly help towards removing Bush from office by keeping some of the more outrageous things his administration has done in the public eye.

3) Beyond support of the Democratic Party, or a party that will steal votes away from Bush, the most direct action would be to support any and all Impeach Bush movements. But at this stage of the game, working towards defeating him in the 2004 election makes the most sense. If we fail, then we work towards impeaching him, so we don’t have to suffer a full 4 years. (But then we’re stuck with Cheney…We may have to impeach both of them. Impeach everyone necessary to get to Powell?)