Happy ‘Labor Day’ 2003

For those who celebrate the holiday 4 months late every year, here’s a poem I wrote 2 years ago at this time:

End of Summer Rituals
(August, 2001)

On September Third
Millions of Americans
Will celebrate the End of Summer
By having a barbecue.

Few know where the name
Of this holiday came from.
To most, it seems ironic
Since none but a few work.

Labor Day now means
The changing color of trees,
The start of the school year,
Or just another day off.

Any connection to unions
Or the forbidden word, “Socialism,”
Is obscured by the distance
From the First of May.

If we’re to return to the roots
Of this annual worker’s holiday
We need to barbecue Phil Knight
Over a bonfire of shoes

Or observe how Bill Gates
Changes colors
As we remove his tongue
And he can’t speak a Word®.