Galactic Criminals

(Reuters) — “The Milky Way galaxy has been caught in the act of shredding an ancient star cluster and leaving a tell-tale trail of stellar debris smeared across the sky, astronomers reported on Monday.”

Now that scientists
have found a way to catch
one of the universe’s
most violent criminals in the act
we have to find a way

to appropriately punish
the Milky Way
so it won’t destroy
any more star clusters.
And hopefully we can deter

other galaxies
from destroying other star clusters.
If I destroyed a star cluster
I think I’d find myself in jail
or maybe worse.

Maybe the Milky Way
needs to be tried
by a jury of its peers.
Rathen than merely
being convicted by the press.

We may find this difficult.
Who knows the names
of twelve other galaxies?
Hopefully the scientists
can provide addresses.

0 thoughts on “Galactic Criminals

  1. CKS

    I always enjoy your poetry, John. Your log site here is clever and unique. Perfect reflection of the author. Wink, wink.

    Best of luck and may the muse be with you! Write on!

    CKS, from Flotilla 13 Writers & Artists


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