No Concealed Firearms Allowed on these Premises

On September 11, 2003, the Missouri State Senate overrode a Governor’s veto and enacted a law allowing for carrying of concealed weapons. However, the law allows for any owner of private property (including owners of private business enterprises) to post signs on their homes, and business establishments informing people that no concealed firearms are allowed on those premises. If someone enters those premises with a concealed firearm, and refuses to leave, the police can be called and the offenders can be fined. Up to $100 on the first offense. Up to $200 on the second offense. Up to $500 on the third offense. There are restrictions on the size of the sign, and the size of the lettering as well.

For instructions on how to make your own sign, or a link to purchase a sign that has already been crafted for this purpose, visit: here (or cllick on the image of the sign above)