JK Rowling’s Christmas gift

JK Rowling has revealed the title for the seventh and last Harry Potter novel: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

She has also re-confirmed that two characters will die that “she hadn’t intended to die.” So anyone predicting who those two characters are shouldn’t include Voldemort or Harry in their predictions, as I suspect their fates have been planned since book 1. As I said in the earlier post, I have faith that Harry will survive, but not unscathed. One possibility is that in destroying Voldemort he might lose his magic. But there are other possibilities. (Death isn’t the only way to discourage sequels)

My early prediction on the two additional fatalities are Hagrid and Draco, though if Draco dies, he will perform an act of redemption beforehand. It should be noted my success rate on predictions isn’t good.