Here’s a “top ten” list of books, authors, and corresponding authors of introductions.

Complete Plays — William Shakespeare — Introduction by Danielle Steel
Origin of Species — Charles Darwin — Introduction by Michael Crichton
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone — J.K. Rowling — Introduction by Jerry Falwell
Diary of a Young Girl — Anne Frank — Introduction by Hutton Gibson
Faust — Johann Wolfgang Goethe — Introduction by Kaavya Viswanathan
The Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony, and Other Stories — Franz Kafka — Introduction by Anne Rice
Oliver Twist — Charles Dickens — Introduction by J.K. Rowling
Art of War — Sun Tzu — Introduction by Mahatma Gandhi
Quran — Introduction by Dennis Prager
Les Miserables — Victor Hugo — Introduction by Rush Limbaugh

One of the ten above really exists. The other nine came out of my warped mind. (I guess they could exist too, but probably not.) Can you guess which one…without using a search engine?