Musical Interlude

Before I left town, I ordered a CD from CDBaby. It was waiting for me in my held-mail pile when I returned. It’s Log-a-Rhythm by the Andy Carlson Band.

I don’t usually listen to much bluegrass (or “new grass”), but I enjoyed it. Of course, Andy is a long-time friend. I remember eating freshly baked cookies, from his mom’s oven, when I was a youngun. So you might not take my review with much salt. But then again, if I didn’t like it, I could just refrain from saying anything.

I have a prejudice for lyrics, so my favorite tracks were A Long Way to Travel, and the cover of Nanci Griffith’s Outbound Plane. You can listen to 2 minutes from each track streaming at the CDBaby link at the top of this post, and judge for yourself.

The NYTimes referred to Andy a few years ago as a demon fiddler. He’s never seemed very demonic to me. I’m not quite sure what the NYTimes meant. But he can sure play the fiddle fast. He’s now a professor at Denison University, and has appeared on albums by such groups as REM, Nanci Griffith, Cowboy Junkies, Uncle Tupelo and Billy Bragg.