Year in Review

I’m a little late with this meme, but so be it, it looked fun:

Using your blog archives, go to the first post of each month from 2006. Ignore any memes. Take the first sentence from that post. You will end up with twelve sentences. That’s your year in review.

My Box Office Predictions were going pretty well until this past weekend.
I have friends with a lot of TV dvds.
In pretty major religious news, Jerry Falwell has been “converted” to the thesis behind “dual covenant theology”, and now believes Jews can go to heaven.
April 1st, besides being April Fools Day, and besides being the day of the International Edible Book Festival (Which I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for awholecanofplot), is also the first day of National Poetry Month.
May 1, 1886 – Haymarket Square — Chicago.
.Plans were an early form of blogging for some college students, including myself.
Brad has a Great quote from Cotton Mather.
JK Rowling reveals that two characters will die in the 7th and final novel of her Harry Potter series.
The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash.
Creativity has suffered a blow today.
I thought I would share a paragraph I just wrote for my NaNoWriMo novel.
A recent book makes the claim that Conservatives are more generous than Liberals.

More than a year in a review, I think this is an excellent summary of my blog. I feel a need, however, to note that the final sentence of the first post of March indicated that the news proclaimed in the first sentence turned out to be wrong.

I’ll also note I did a little grammatical editing on a few of the sentences.

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