Politics, Religion and Drew Barrymore

If you ever attend open mics, or performances by local bands, you hear it often.

“I have a chapbook for sale”
“I have a CD”

That sort of thing.

Well, over the years I’ve said it often. Not the CD one, but the chapbook one. But the open mic audience is limited. And with a blog, and Paypal, I figured I could expand the audience a bit. Maybe reach 5 or 6 more people. I only have one of my chapbooks — Politics, Religion and Drew Barrymore — listed so far (it’s the most recent one). Follow that link, or the one in the sidebar. (Warning: There are a few poems in this chapbook that, if they were acted out on film, might receive an R or NC17 rating from the MPAA.)

A participant in my Tuesday night writer’s group, who performs at the Hartford Coffee House open mic on Friday nights as well, also put together a chapbook recently, and when he heard I was putting the page together, he asked if he could be on it too. I readily accepted. His poetry is in a style very different from my own, but quite excellent. (No R or NC17 poems to my recollection.) Sample poems are available for both chapbooks.

We’re both handling our own chapbooks through separate Paypal accounts, so unfortunately, it’s not possible to combine the two chapbooks in one order.

One further note. The average size of a poetry chapbook is 20-24 pages. These sold for $3 when I first started out in the early 90s, but they normally sell for $5 today. My chapbook at 48 pages is actually at the maximum recommended size, as any larger, and it would become difficult to staple. Thematically it’s three small chapbooks in one. Due to this I considered a higher price, but due to the shipping and handling charges I had to add, I left it at $5.

And yes, there were many things I could have put in the title of this entry besides the title of the book. And there were many other things I could have titled the book. But this was the title of my blog for awhile. And while it’s been two, maybe three years since Drew’s name has been part of my blog title, entries that mention her still get a lot of hits. I might as well use this to my advantage.

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