Wish I could be there

this is where I’d like to be tonight. I just received a ‘bulletin’ on MySpace telling me that that is where the celebration of the Oscar Nomination I mentioned a few posts back is going to be held. And my cousin will be there, of course. I have five hours to get there, before the party begins, but it’s in LA. According to the Lambert website there’s an airplane leaving in 1.5 hours. I could probably do it. And I would try. If I had won the Powerball.

But alas, I didn’t. So if you are in Los Angeles right now, and drop by St. Nick’s tonight, buy my cousin a round. Tell him it’s on me. I’ll pay you back next time I see you. Whoever you are.

Note to anyone doing the math…the time/date stamp is an hour off. It is currently 4:30 California time.