What SF writer are you?

An 11 question quiz to determine which Science Fiction author you are.

I discovered I’m Olaf Stapledon. The name was completely unfamiliar to me. Possibly because he’s British, and died in 1950. Maybe I really am Olaf Stapledon. (see previous entry)

Since his works are ‘public domain’ in plus-fifty nations, some of his novels are online. So at least I can satisfy my curiousity cheaply.

Other possible results from the quiz include: Robert Heinlein, Gregory Benford, Ursula K Leguin, Hal Clement, Cordwainer Smith, Isaac Asimov, Samuel Delaney, and Philip Jose Farmer. There are a total of 26, all listed in the page’s source code, if you know how to look, along with some interesting trivia on the results for a handful of SF authors surprised to discover they’re not themselves.