Hate Mongering

The Malaysian Prime Minister defends his statement that Jews control the world by complaining it is alright for Jerry Falwell to insult all Muslims, but it is not alright for him to insult all Jews.

It is a confusing argument on several counts. The rational press did roundly attack Falwell’s idiotic comments about Mohammed being a terrorist. Additionally, they’ve also recently attacked the General who proclaimed that all of Islam was worshipping an idol. The military may not be disciplining the General, but he was speaking privately at a church, and our nation does value free speech. Even if the speech is idiotic.

It is also safe, I believe, to assume he feels it is hurtful, and wrong, morally, for people like Falwell to make the statements they have. Therefore, he is arguing he can justifiably stoop to the same level in response?

He intended the speech as an argument for the Muslim/Arab world to stop responding to violence with violence — To emulate the “Jewish” intellectual/political response. I support the overall message of his speech. I do not believe we Jews are as united as he seems to think we are. For example, I would direct his attention to the ‘discussions’Ç between Liberal Jewish groups in the US and the Israeli government. However, I agree, violence should not be viewed as an acceptable political method. Neither should hate mongering — for hate mongering begets violence.

Unfortunately, it appears, he does not see this.

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